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Each villa is optimised for easy living, filled with natural light and high-quality inclusions. Designer fittings and beautifully finished rooms featuring carefully considered floorplans are a signature of every villa at Casa Mia.

Frequently asked questions

What does “licence to reside” mean?

In the context of Casa Mia Living and similar retirement villages, a “license to reside” typically refers to the legal agreement or contract that grants a resident the right to occupy a particular unit or apartment within the village.

This license outlines the terms and conditions under which the resident can live in the village, including the duration of the occupancy, the financial arrangements (such as the payment structure and any ongoing fees), and the rights and responsibilities of both the resident and the village operator.

Seniors aged 65 and over are welcome to live at Casa Mia.

Yes. We understand how important it is to enable couples to stay together for the rest of their ageing journey.

Absolutely. Our village is delighted to be pet-friendly, and residents are more than welcome to bring their cherished furry companions. Please note that pet approval is subject to the Village Manager’s consideration.

The village is located across 10 acres so there are plenty of green spaces. We will also have community garden areas that we invite residents to enjoy, and all villas offer a courtyard.

Yes. There are secure lockable garages with remote access available for residents with cars.

Respecting our residents’ privacy and personal space is paramount. Our staff will always knock and wait for an invitation before entering a resident’s home. In situations requiring immediate attention, such as emergency calls or if there is a concern for a resident’s safety, our team may enter without invitation, prioritizing their well-being.

Yes. However, if we are required to make any major alterations to return an apartment to sellable condition, there will be a cost to the resident, i.e. any significant changes to cabinetry and kitchens.

Yes. When you are a resident of Casa Mia, it is your home to furnish as you wish. We can also coordinate furniture packages if new furniture is required.

A total of 150 villas will be available on completion, anticipating around 220 residents. Construction is anticipated to commence late 2023.

Each resident will have a laundry in their villa.


Despite its obligations under the Act, Casa Mia Living will fund 100% of any renovation costs. Renovation means replacements or repairs other than reinstatement work.

No, the villas will be resold with the monies being transferred to the resident’s estate.

Why move into a Later Living Community with continuum of care?

At Casa Mia Living, our unique model of care and support is tailored to accompany residents from full independence through to palliative and end-of-life care if needed. Our residents will be able to confidently relish our vibrant village community lifestyle, knowing that 24/7 on-site care is readily available if and when it’s required. This means our residents will never face the need to transition to a separate aged care facility, ensuring they remain surrounded by familiar friends in their village and caring staff.

Yes. Our community bus will include transport to local shops and clubs and excursions within the wider community.

Casa Mia is founded on the belief that life should be filled with purpose and the joy of doing what you love. Our village provides the perfect environment for discovering new and inspiring experiences within a lively, connected community. With our rich array of social activities, there’s something for everyone, whether it’s staying active, embarking on day trips, enjoying your favourite card games, or simply sharing laughter with new friends during a movie night.

Absolutely. We wholeheartedly encourage our residents to pursue their individual interests. Even if it turns out they are the sole enthusiasts of a particular activity, it can become a wonderful opportunity to share their passion and introduce fellow village members to that engaging pursuit.

How do I secure a villa at Casa Mia Living?
Via an expression of interest form and $5,000 fully refundable deposit.
A Deferred Management Fee, often referred to as ‘DMF,’ is an amount retained by a retirement village operator. It serves to cover various essential expenses, including capital works for village improvements, head office operational costs, and company expenses. The term ‘deferred’ indicates that this fee is paid later, typically upon a resident’s departure from the village. This payment structure offers financial advantages over annual fee payments, as it allows residents to spread the financial impact over time. Notably, the Deferred Management Fee in Queensland is regulated by the Retirement Village Act Qld and is often calculated as a percentage of the initial ingoing payment made by a resident. It’s important to note that in many cases, this fee is capped after a certain number of years (at Casa Mia this caps out after four years), further enhancing the financial predictability for residents.

The cost for villas in Stage One range from $325,000 to $545,000 and options include one, two and three-bedroom villas. Villas in Stage Two are anticipated to have significant prices increases.

Ongoing costs while living at Casa Mia Living include a General Services Charge (a weekly fee) plus utilities. With regards to resident’s landlines, residents are able to port their existing landline phone number, which includes unlimited free local, national and Australian mobile calls.

No, Casa Mia Living provides a 99-year license to occupy the villa, which does not require stamp duty.

No, Casa Mia Living is GST exempt.

While Casa Mia does not impose legal fees, we strongly advise prospective purchasers to seek independent legal counsel and representation, which may involve associated costs.

Casa Mia Living will allow residents make their contracts subject to the sale of their home. It may be possible to move in before settling on their home.

Casa Mia Living operates as a for-profit organisation, employing a membership-benefits model that provides services and benefits to its members. A portion of the deferred management fees contributes to Casa Mia’s overall business profitability.

The ingoing contributions paid by residents and the services provided to them are covered by the Retirement Villages Act 1999 QLD. In the unlikelihood of a gap in transition of owner, an administrator is appointed by the courts and their obligation is to operate and run the community and services as set out in the residents’ contract.

How are you different to other retirement living and aged-care options?
Australia’s aged care and retirement industry offers various options, including retirement villages, home care support, and aged care residences. At Casa Mia Living, we recognise that regardless of their care needs, senior Australians often share similar desires for their lifestyle and future. To address this and create a seamless transition, we’ve integrated what we consider the finest aspects of both retirement and aged care living. Our vision is to offer a place where residents can comfortably downsize once, making Casa Mia their forever home, eliminating the need for future moves.
Understanding and accessing government funding options for individuals in need of care and support can often be challenging. At Casa Mia, we offer comprehensive Home Care Package management services to assist families in navigating this complex process. We will have a team is dedicated to acting on your behalf, striving to streamline the experience and achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

Our commitment to residents goes beyond the initial care plan. We will continuously assess and adapt residents’ care plans to ensure they receive the best possible care. Additionally, we’ll consistently review the funding options they are accessing to optimize their overall experience and outcomes.

Residents will receive care whenever required in their homes.

Yes. Private respite care will be available at Casa Mia Living.

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Extended Gift: As a token of our appreciation for your continued support, we’re delighted to announce that our offer of 6 months of free general services fees has been extended until March 29th or until all deposits for Stage One are secured. It’s our way of spreading a little extra holiday cheer!

To be eligible for the Current Pricing and Bonus Offer, an Expression of Interest form must be signed on a prospective villa at Casa Mia Living on Stage One by 29th of March 2024 with $5,000 deposit received in full. Bonus Offer includes no weekly general service fees for first six months from the date of settlement. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offers are not exchangeable for cash or transferable. RLS Developments NQ Pty Ltd reserves the right to remove or alter the offer at any time. Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. Promotion starts 07.10.2023.

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